Our Child Care Programme

To learn and develop, a child must be in a secure and happy environment.

This is enhanced with the support of warm, caring and well-trained Kaiako. Tamariki are stimulated by a well-prepared and carefully designed early childhood curriculum. A good quality physical environment allows tamariki and kaiako to maximise play and ‘work’.

Our daycare programme is developed to allow your child to learn at their own pace in their own way. We work collaboratively with you and your child to recognise their individual learning goals and aspirations.  Our trained preschool teachers provide support and opportunities at The Kiddie Academy for your child to reach these goals.

Our curriculum is designed to be stimulating, yet flexible enough to provide for your child's desire to play alone or to be part of a group experience.

We believe play is key to a child’s development.  Play is a child’s unique way of learning about the world.  We provide opportunities for both spontaneous play and more structured activities for those children who enjoy this challenge.  

Learning environments at The Kiddie Academy are calm and unhurried.  We aim to allow time for rich conversations and opportunities for our children to grow and learn as individuals.  We provide children with the freedom to explore and make their own discoveries whilst supporting a sense of wonder and curiosity.

We are aware and responsive to children’s cultural identity, incorporating and extending this though many aspects of our programme.

Our teachers delight in children’s learning and love to discover and learn alongside your preschool child.


At Kiddie Academy we provide a full service of care which includes meals; breakfast and lunch, as well as a dinner option if required,

We offer whole foods made up of unprocessed, seasonal, natural, healthy ingredients.


We are currently offering - 

- Weekly Food Parcel

- Everyday free coffee when you drop off and pick up children


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