Are your teachers qualified?

A minimum of 80% of our teachers are qualified

Do you have holidays?

While you are able to take holidays when you would like, we offer 3 weeks holidays at half price per annual. The center only close on the statutory holidays.

Do you offer 20 hours free?

We offer 20 hours free ECE. For more information, please visit www.education.govt.nz

How big are your classes?

Infant rooms – Max 15 babies. Toddler rooms – Max group size is between 15-20 children. Preschool rooms – Max group size is 20 children.

How far in advance should I enrol my child?

We would encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible. Spaces are worked out based on start dates, waitlists and availability in the center. You do not need to commit completely until the space is offered to you by the center. Please fill in the enrolment enquiry form online  and we will get in touch.

My child has allergies, can you cater for this?

Yes, we cater for children with allergies, please talk to our center director about your child’s specific needs.

What age can my child start?

We enrol children from three months to six years old. If you need to enrol a younger child, please speak with us to see if we can help.

What are your teacher to child ratios?

Infant rooms have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:4. Toddler rooms have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:6. Preschool rooms have an average teacher to child ratio of 1:8.

What food will my child eat?

We have worked with a respected Dietician to develop a menu that is high in nutrients and low in sugar. A daily menu is posted on the notice board so that you can be aware of the variety your child has daily, water is served at all meals and fresh fruits is served twice daily.

What is included in your fees?

Our fees include nappies, sunscreen, nutritional morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack, hat, bag, infant journal, toddler and preschool portfolio, online learning e-portfolio and the most important of all, our loving, caring qualified teachers.