Curriculum Planning

Learning Partnership

We value professional relationship between service and families will enhance children's learning. Open and meaningful communication is an essential part of our programme. Parents are kept informed of Center life and events through Storypark, newsletters, notices posted in the Center and through our Facebook page.


Mobile Communication Tool 

Mobile communication APP will be implmeneted, that is an online communication tool designed to help parents and families share more of your child’s special moments at the Kiddie Academy, as well as being able to be more involved in your child’s learning. It allows teachers to send you updates, photo and videos throughout the day. 


Profile Books

As well as documenting learning on Mobile APP, your child will have their very own portfolio book which will be used to document your child’s learning goals, their achievements, magic moments throughout their time at the Kiddie Academy, and even snippets of their artwork. The children will love reading and sharing these special books, and they become a wonderful keepsake for families.


Special Events

Parent, Whanau evenings, special celebration events are an exciting opportunity to connect with your child’s teachers and to provide an opportunity to interact with the team outside of the busy pick up/drop off times.

We hold regular workshops from top speakers around New Zealand cover topics including parenting tips, feeding, raising happy, confident and resilient children. We hold these regularly throughout the year and welcome you and your whanau to attend.


Weekly Activities

At Kiddie Academy Center we organise regular weekly activities such as playball, toddler tennis and more. If you are interested in any of the weekly activities, please get in touch with our teachers for more information.