Meal Plan

The Statistics are staggering: 1 in 9 New Zealand Children obese or overweight. At Kiddie Academy, we value the importance of food and nutrition and we appreciate the impact we have in establishing healthy eating habits, helping to shape your child’s attitude towards food, and setting them up for life.

We offer whole foods made up of unprocessed, seasonal, natural, healthy ingredients.

All of your child’s food is provided by the Centre. We have worked with a respected Dietician to develop a menu that is high in nutrients and low in sugar. Best of all, it has been tried and tested by the children… and they love it (even the fussiest of eaters)!  Cooked on site by our wonderful qualified chef - you can be assured that your children are nourishing their bodies perfectly for a day full of adventure and play. 

A daily menu is posted on the notice board so that you can be aware of the variety your child has daily, water is served at all meals and fresh fruits is served twice daily.

Family Resources

Nutritional resources for your families including nutritional brochures for babies, children and the whole family. PLUS -  monthly nutrition information posts for you to share with your families including recipes & shopping tips.

Dinner Option

We can provide dinner for children who finish after 5.30pm if needed. Parents can choose the dinner option if they prefer. Please refer to fee schedule for the dinner option charge. Dinner only costs as low as $4.5 to get the seasonal fresh and nutritional meals at Kiddie Academy

2019 Summer Babies Menu


6 months : smooth puree | 7 - 9 months : soft & lumpy | 10 - 12 months: soft & chunky

The babies menu is a guide & each child’s individual needs are also taken into account